Up Side Down Fitness Book
Up Side Down Fitness Book
Up Side Down Fitness Book
Up Side Down Fitness Book
Up Side Down Fitness Book
Up Side Down Fitness Book
Up Side Down Fitness Book

Up Side Down Fitness Book

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Upside a Down is a concise FITNESS book for those who do not have the time or find it difficult to diet and exercise. It covers many topics that allow the reader to remain FIT, SLIM and HEALTHY in an easy and doable manner. It is just the opposite of what you know about fitness, a rather inverse approach, therefore the title of the book is “Up Side Down” Fitness.

One might wonder that when there are enough fitness books and diet guides about this thoroughly researched subject then why change it around? Well, because it needs to change! It needs a fresh perspective, a one that is enjoyable, doable and manageable in our over-committed busy lifestyle.

Upside Down Fitness helps readers change the way they think about Losing Weight, Remaining Healthy and Fit. The book covers more than common areas covered in fitness books, including healthy diet, fitness tips, weight loss tips, exercises, training, Supplements, low-cal recipes and Motivational Advise. But its innovation is the emphasis on SMART FITNESS regimen. Smart Fitness not only consists of extensive workouts and low-calorie diet plans but also managing the workouts in the leftover time intervals during the hectic schedules. And most importantly the workouts have to enjoyable be suited to your own personel requirements. The book also discusses the impact of sleep and stress on overall Health, Fitness and Slimming goals. The books helps the reader discriminate between the myths about fitness and realistic fitness regimen.

Israni is a full time working mom of three boys. She has been in a pursuit to acquire a healthy and fit body after the birth of her three children. She has a simple reasoning, that if western women can remain in upmost shape after childbirth and despite hectic work schedules then why our Indian women should lag behind?  She has mentioned fitness tips and diet plans in the book which she has followed to keep fit post her three pregnancies. The fitness tips and diet plans are not only simple, effective, time saving, doable but also affordable by middle-class women. Upside Down Fitness will change the way you look at fitness and ensure that even if you have 5 minutes a day you can remain fit, health and happy.

Upside Down Fitness emphasizes on smart exercises, creating smart fitness goals, diet plans, supplementation and necessity of sleep, rest and happiness. Upside Down Fitness emphasizes that in order to maintain good health and spirit, how an enthusiast can go about using raw Indian cooking materials readily available in the kitchen to support a healthy lifestyle. To make the reader experience more authentic she has added motivational advise on fitness from corporate men and women from around the world.

To sum it up Upside Down Fitness is a practical Fitness book which gives complete and concise information on how to remain in shape, fit, and healthy without wasting time and energy. This new age doable approach along with Smart & Easy Recipes and under 5 minute workouts is a must buy for every person aiming to become a better, slimmer and fitter version of themselves.


  • A never before discussed approach towards fitness
  • Easy, doable, time and energy efficient weigh Loss Guide
  • Its innovation is the emphasis on SMART FITNESS regimen.
  • Even if you have 5 minutes a day you can remain Fit, Slim and Healthy.
  • Motivational advise from corporate men and women around the world.
  • Practical and concise Fitness book
  • The Book contains concise and practical information on Eating right, Smart Exercising, Happiness, Sleep, Supplements, Healthy Recipes, Workout Plans and Motivational Advise.
  • FREE WITH THE BOOK 10 Week Indian Food Weight Loss Meal Plan & Beginners Guide to Yoga Exercises.


Manisha Israni is the Director of Telebrands, A Trusted Name In Fitness For The Last 20 Years. A body-positive advocate, this full time working mom of three boys, she is in the pursuit of simplifying fitness and making it doable and enjoyable for all. Director of Telebrands and Co-founder of Zukazo, a fitness and health website, Manisha keeps her followers motivated with regular documentation on her Instagram account @mihealthdaily and YouTube channel Zukazo.