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Are you tired of fizzy, messy hair and damaged hair… to burning your hair using a hair iron… or spending your hard earned money at saloons? Then your search ends here, with this all new and innovative 3D Ceramic Silkair, lost time, patience and money are a thing of the past.

The Silkair is the preferred everyday tool for straightening the hair while simultaneously combing it as well as massaging the scalp. The unit is easy to operate right out of the box. It is entirely safe, with precision temperature-control settings on an LED screen that can be varied for different types of hair. This versatile model is encased in an elegant and stylish frame that doesn't compromise on durability and toughness. It will not break down with everyday use, and nor will your hair.  Now style your hair at home with Silkair

Features & Benefits:

  • Gives You Perfectly Straight Hair in Minutes.
  • Does not damage your hair, safe on all types of hair.
  • Can straighten and smoothen even the most curly and damaged hair.
  • Innovative 3D Ceramic technology straightens your hair in a delicate manner, without causing any heat damage.
  • A perfect combination between the power of a hair iron with a brush that smoothens and straightens your hair.
  • Adjustable temperature - up to 230 degrees Celsius.
  • LCD display so you can set and see the current temperature.
  • Easy To Style up your hair within minutes at home.
  • Salon Quality Results In Minutes.
  • Be your own stylist at home! Style your hair the way you want it!
  • Delivers Gentle and Even Heat Around Each Strand.
  • Hassle Free hair straightening.
  • No time wasting, no burning your hair, no pain, and no damage to your scalp and hands.
  • 100% The Desired Result From The FIRST USE - No Hassle!