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Power Abs
Power Abs
Power Abs
Power Abs
Power Abs
Power Abs

Power Abs

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We all know the valuable time, strength and efforts which are needed to get 6 or 8 pack abs and obliques. We always wish for an easier and faster way to build Abs. Well if you are someone who wishes the same, your wish is now granted, thanks to the fabulous Power Abs. Get a flat stomach and create a strong core without any painful effort, useless dieting or harmful pills. Order Power Abs to acquire a flat belly without going to gym.
It helps to strengthen your core by rocking back and forth for easier crunches, reverse crunches, oblique exercises and more. This ab exercise machine targets upper abs, middle abs, lower abs and side obliques for a total ab workout. Power Abs is the only risk free fitness equipment to lose unwanted fat and weight without following any workout routine. Need I say more? Place your order before we run out of stock.

Features and Benefits:
Full ab workout at home within 10 minutes.
Below parallel motion helps you build core and ab muscles faster.
Get a flat belly in about 15 days by working out at home.
A flexible rotating seat or ab twister for acquiring obliques.
It’s made up of industrial strength metal with sturdy frame.
It has 3 adjustable height levels for comfortable use.
It has strong reflex rubber for lower body.
Back & neck roller cushions for spinal support.
Improves body posture and shapes your shoulders.
Activates whole functioning of muscles.
Relieves back and neck pain.
Compact, lightweight and easy to store.
Suitable for all age groups.