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Pill Assistant

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When there is a bigger discourse in the world about the word immunity, everyone wants medicines/drugs that improve their immunity level. Various types of micronutrients are needed by a human body to maintain its health while being resistant to viruses and diseases. We need to take multiple tablets in our day to day life to supplement our body with micronutrients like Vitamins and Minerals. We also need to consume other medicines which help us recover from a medical condition. Organising and remembering to take medicine on time has been a difficult task for everyone. But, not more, because we have brought the Pill Assistant to do that difficult job for you. 

Finally, the needed Pill Assistant is not only a Pill Box, but it is also a Pill Organizer and Pill Dispenser and a Pill Alarm combined in a single safe, reliable easy to use unit. The Pill Assistant Medication Reminder is full day Automatic Electronic Pill Reminder that virtually eliminates forgetting double/triple dosing and other medication errors. BEEPING Reminders and FLASHING timers make this possible. Especially designed to remind senior citizens about their medications. Where else can such a small investment have such a huge impact on your loved one’s Health and Independence? So, hurry up! Order your own Pill Assistant before we run out of the stocks!

Features and Benefits:

  • All-in-one compact pocket-sized Pill Organizer, Pill Dispenser and Pill Alarm combined
  • Simple and Easy to set alarm with automatic repeat setting
  • Two compartments to hold medications for an  entire day 
  • Compact and portable design for easy carrying in a pocket or purse
  • Loud and clear alarm. Perfect for senior citizens.
  • Easy to operate with just 3 buttons functionality
  • Set a timer for up to 99 hours 59 minutes
  • Made of pure environmentally friendly ABS Plastic
  • Completed battery-operated, No charging, No hassle
  • Ideal Pill reminder for senior citizens  
  • Organize all your daily pills and be reminded with an alarm
  • Perfect medication reminder for home or for travel!


  1. Press MIN for the number of minutes and HR for the number of hours
  2. Press START/STOP to start the timer. The symbol: on the LCD will flash when the timer is counting
  3. To pause the timer, press button START/STOP, The symbol: on the LCD stops flashing, press button
  4.  When the set time is up, the timer will make out beep-beep alarm to remind you
  5. Press MIN and HR together to cancel the last setting press buttons
  6. To reset the alarm to go off at the same time period as on the last setting, press button START/STOP after the countdown has completed


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