My Fly Birdie
My Fly Birdie
My Fly Birdie

My Fly Birdie

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My Fly Birdie is the fun, new colorful flying bird toy that can soar heights up to 100 feet and float back down to the ground. After the user winds up the toy, the bird will fly into the air and glide back down to the ground when it runs out of stored energy. The toy bird does not need batteries or charging and can be used inside or outside. The flight pattern of the bird toy can be changed by moving the tail up or down, causing the bird to fly straight or in circles. The toy can be used by both children and adults and does not require any special training or assistance to use. My Fly Birdie will bring some intrigue to the indoor and outdoor play. 

Nowadays, children prefer mobile and computers over outdoor games which have made them homebody. Don’t worry, My Fly Birdie will make your children enjoy playing indoor as well as outdoor and will illuminate the enthusiasm for enjoying outdoor physical activity in them. Limited Offer: Buy My Fly Birdie and GET 1 Decorative sticker set to customise your My Fly Birdie, ABSOLUTELY FREE. Need I say More? Place your order before we run out of stock. 

Features & Benefits: 

  • Compatible to fly indoor and outdoor
  • Mimics the natural wing pattern of a real bird
  • Its Colourful design makes it the favourite toy of your children.
  • My Fly Birdie can sour upto 100 Feet.
  • Adjust the tail feather to change course
  • NO batteries, No charging and No cords
  • Illuminates the enthusiasm for enjoying outdoor physical activity in children
  • Only 3 Steps required- Wind him, release the button and watch him go!
  • Glides back down safely to the land
  • Made up of durable material, long lasting
  • My Fly birdie is hours of fun for your children.