Multi Fit Socket
Multi Fit Socket
Multi Fit Socket
Multi Fit Socket
Multi Fit Socket

Multi Fit Socket

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Rs. 2,599.00
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Rs. 1,499.00

MULTI Fit Socket is a universal socket designed to instantly fit and always grip any bolt, nut, fastener and hook, both standard and metric. It also saves your money on multiple ratchet rings, gear sets, and tools that you might otherwise have to buy. Whether it’s repairing the bike, working on cars, putting up a playset, or even setting up a Christmas tree stand, no worries, Multi Fit Socket will allow you to easily do all this work in no time. There are so many uses, from plumbing and home repairs, to bicycle and car maintenance, assembling and fitting wardrobes and units, you’ll be amazed at the number of times Multi Fit Socket will come to the rescue!

This single unit is decidedly less expensive compared to full socket sets, ratchet rings, gear sets, and tools. If you want the versatility and range of a whole socket set that you can keep in your hand or pocket, then put a Multi Fit Socket in your toolbox and never be stuck for a wrench again!

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  • Replaces an entire socket set
  • The unit is a universal socket that you can use on almost any nut, bolt, hook, or fastener both metric and standard sizes.
  • The retractable steel rods will form fit even odd shapes and sizes. This includes things like hooks or wing nuts.
  • The tool automatically adjusts so that you have superior grip instantaneously.
  • The design enables the tool to handle over one hundred and forty pounds of torque.
  • You can use it on damaged, stripped, or rusted bolts and nuts with ease.
  • The unit is compact enough to fit into your pocket so that you can have it with you all the time.
  • Fit instantly and grips securely to fasteners, nuts, and bolts.
  • Strong, steel construction and rubberised grip
  • Ideal for auto, home, outdoors and more
  • Unique, universal, slip free

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