Handy Full Body Massager
Handy Full Body Massager
Handy Full Body Massager
Handy Full Body Massager
Handy Full Body Massager

Handy Full Body Massager

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Handy Full Body Massager is uniquely designed handheld electric body massager that helps in providing relief in aching muscles and nerves, and getting rid of tiredness anytime and anywhere you are. The product is easy to use on your own without any hassle. It helps in pressuring various points in your body and take away all your stress. It soothes the muscle stiffness in your lower back and neck. Handy Full Body Massager comes with four interchangeable heads that help relieve various different pains in your body. It relaxes and rejuvenates your body along with improving the blood circulation. Massaging the different muscle of your body also helps in providing relief from the feeling of drowsiness and fatigue, poor memory and appetite. So, isn’t it the much needed relaxing equipment for people who always suffer from stress and body pain? Handy Full Body Massager is the only solution to your stress and body aching problems. Hurry up! Place your order before we run out of stock.

Features and benefits: 

  • Helps to get rid of stress and tiredness anytime and anywhere you are.
  • Reduces body pain and unwanted flab.
  • 3 massage heads offer various massage experience. Flat head for pain reduction, Wavy head for fat break down and Ball bearing head for deep tissue massage. 
  • 1 scrubber head (Callus remover head) for acquiring a callus free baby soft skin and feet. 
  • Effective vibration massage relax your muscles and help to lose weight.
  • Helps to massage your entire body from head to toe.
  • Lightweight, portable and easy to use, just plug in the massager, switch it on and enjoy a relaxing massage.
  • Promotes blood circulation.
  • It can be used for treating pains in all the different parts of body.
  • It stimulates nerve ends with reflexology therapy.
  • Alleviates aches and pains in the arms, neck and shoulders. 
  • Relieves tension and fatigue.
  • Multi-position massage- Arms, back, shoulders, thighs, calf and abdominal massage in one device.
  • 3 Massage heads for 3 different massage experience with 2 speeds (intensity levels).
  • Shapes and firms hips, tummy and arms.
  • Long and ergonomically shaped handle makes it easy to use.
  • Truly multipurpose massager.