Gas saver and safety device
Gas saver and safety device
Gas saver and safety device

Gas saver and safety device

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Rs. 4,300.00
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Rs. 1,999.00

Saves upto 30% of Gas consumption. Backed by 1.25 crores of Liabilty insurance. According to the information gathered from the fire accident sources, 90% of fire accident is caused due to domestic LPG leakages. Gas Saver  is handy, low cost, all in one gas safety device that shows Gas Cylinder Level at a glance, Detects Leaks and, Automatically Shuts off the Gas in the event of a major leak.

We are so confident of its gas accident prevention capability that our factory is  backing this  product with a product liability insurance of 1.25 crores.

No need to be anxious about children playing in the kitchen, as Gas Saver will immediately shut off the gas supply if your children mistakenly put on the gas switch. Our Gas saver is a best gas safety device to avoid fire accidents in your happy homes.

Features & Benefits:   

  • Shows gas level in the cylinder.
  • Detects gas leakage which auto shuts off gas flow immediately to prevent accidents.
  • Detects leakage in your gas stove which can be repaired before any mishaps.
  • Auto Shuts off the gas supply if switch of your gas stove is left on.
  • It is a versatile and vital gas safety device to prevent hazardous fire accidents.
  • High and Low-level gas indicator.
  • Saves upto 30% of LPG gas consumption.
  • Auto shut off gas supply while major leakage