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Flybee is a flying toy which can be controlled with the palm of your hand. Fly it in your room or office! Just charge the Flybee by connecting its charging cable to your PC, laptop or mobile charger, and you are ready to relish a playtime with it. The toy can be used by both children and adults and does not require any special training or assistance to use. Flybee will bring some intrigue to the indoor and outdoor play.

Mobile phones and computers have made children forget their playtime in grounds. Don’t worry, Flybee will make your children enjoy playing indoor as well as outdoor and will illuminate the enthusiasm for enjoying outdoor physical activity in them. Need I say More? Place your order before we run out of stock.

Features and benefits:

  • Compatible to fly indoor and outdoor.
  • Mimics the natural wing pattern of a real honey bee.
  • Its Colorful design makes it the favorite toy of your children.
  • Flybee can fly up to 15 Feet.
  • Saves your money, no batteries required.
  • Illuminates the enthusiasm for enjoying outdoor physical activity in children.
  • Control its flight with your palm which raises the activity level of your child.
  • Made up of durable and flexible material, long lasting.
  • Flybee is hours of fun for your children.