Easy Home Decor
Easy Home Decor
Easy Home Decor
Easy Home Decor
Easy Home Decor
Easy Home Decor

Easy Home Decor

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Painting (or repainting) a house can be tedious work, Easy Home Decor is the ultimate quick painting roller that will make you paint your house easily. Easy Home Decor is self-contained and refillable roller holding up to 1L of paint – no drips and spills, less time climbing up and down a ladder and no more bending over to roll in the paint tray - which comes with flocked edger and corner pad. It has patented distribution system with seamless microfiber head that delivers an even coat. It is washable for easy cleanup and it's an easier & faster way to paint, in just one coat. 

NO messy dripping and NO constant back and forth trips to the paint tray. Simply pour in your favorite paint, pop on the lid… and roll the perfect coat, and reach the wall tops with the extension pole. It’s like having an entire can of paint in just one compact, innovative, drip-free roller. All you need is just one coat because Easy Home Decor’s one coat is equal to the double coat painted by professionals.  NO need to cover the floors and NO need to mask the work area. 

The accessories accompanied with Easy Home Decor are Fine flocked edger, Corner pad, paint pouring can and paint tray. Isn’t it a all in one home decor kit? Now paint your home like a professional without moving or covering your furniture with Easy home Decor. Need I say more? Place your order before we run out of stock! 

Features and Benefits: 

  • Quick and easy professional paint system.
  • Now paint your home without moving or covering the furniture.
  • Simply pour in your favorite paint, pop on the lid and roll the perfect coat.
  • Micro-fibre roller.
  • Even paint distribution system.
  • Extends to over 3 feet long to reach every corner with no bending!
  • No drips and no spills.
  • Evenly covers in just one coat.
  • Used on all surfaces: Interior, exterior walls, fences, doors, windows, wood, metal, rubber and many more.
  • Easy to wash.
  • Save money by painting your house on your own without hiring a professional painter. 

You get:

  • Easy home decor roller- Self-contained and refillable roller, no drips and spills
  • Fine flocked edger- Paint the ceilings and walls edges around the switch boards without masking.
  • Corner pad- Saves time as one can easily paint the hard to reach places.  
  • Paint tray- the flocked edger and corner pad absorb paint evenly due to the paint tray’s curved design.
  • Paint pouring Can- The narrow edge of the 1L paint pouring can helps to refill the roller without spilling the paint.