Drink & Fit Juicer
Drink & Fit Juicer
Drink & Fit Juicer
Drink & Fit Juicer
Drink & Fit Juicer
Drink & Fit Juicer

Drink & Fit Juicer

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With rising health concerns and increasing awareness about the importance of consuming fruits and vegetables on a daily basis, juicing has become a way of life. The Drink & Fit Juicer is a good quality fruit and vegetable juicer that extracts fresh juice which consists of elements that improve your immunity level. Preserved and packed juices available in the market lose their nutritional value after some time. Fresh Fruit or Vegetable Juices have been always recommended to patients suffering from anemia or low immunity level. The Drink & Fruit juicer is your DIY, at-home juicer that will help you become healthy and resistant to viruses and diseases.

This juicer is designed with a powerful rotation mode that allows you to extract the maximum amount of juice from fruits and vegetables, minimizing wastage. Juicing is also easy and convenient with the single press as everything from juice, to the pulp, are separated in the Drink & Fit Juicer. This Drink & Fit Juicer effectively store more than 500ml juice at a single time in the jar. A nice feature present in this appliance is its low consumption of power. As most of the parts in the juicer are detachable, one can pour out the juice and clean the remaining parts easily without much effort. With its low power use, powerful juice extraction and ease to use, this juicer is nice to have in your kitchen.

Features & benefits: 

  • Ideal for instant and fresh fruit and vegetable juices
  • Easy and simple to operate
  • Very Large pulp container
  • Power saving, it works on less power compared to other juicers
  • Its juice container stores more than 500ml of juice on one go
  • More juice and vitamins
  • Fresh juice consists of elements that improve your immunity levels.
  • Extra-large filler opening 30% higher Weight of the yield
  • Even whole, uncut apples or vegetables can be squeezed.
  • Fresh juice is the best natural supplement to stay resistant to viruses and diseases
  • Silent in operation, it will not bother anyone in the house
  • DIY and at-home vegetable and fruit juicer
  • Parts of the juicer are detachable for proper cleaning


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