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Combat Vision
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Combat Vision

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For 10X better vision, HD Outdoor Glasses, HD Driving glasses that eliminate glare, enhance color, and get optimal UV protection for your eyes lens. Combat Vision are the newest polarized sunglasses that enhance your vision’s clarity. Get the same clear vision that soldiers depend on to hit their targets with Combat Vision. These high-tech polarized lenses help you see objects you can't see with the naked eye. Regular sunglasses may protect your eyes from UV rays, but unless they’re polarized, they don’t enhance clarity. See clearly with eliminated glare and enhanced colours. Plus, Combat Vision gives your eyes superior protection from UV rays.

Combat Vision is made with a special shape-memory polymer. Twist them, bend them, and Combat Vision’s frames snaps back to their original shape! Now that’s atomic tough! Paired with the snake-jaw hinges and super polarized HD lens, these sunglasses are a trifecta of goodness for your eyes.

Thanks to its one-size-fits-all unisex design, adults can benefit from Combat Vision. This sporty eyewear is perfect for men and women! Combat through glare in style!

Combat Vision is great for everyday and specialized use.

  • Riding the Motorcycle
  • Walking the Dog
  • Summer Sports
  • Winter Sports
  • Fishing
  • Hunting
  • Driving
  • Target Practice
  • Outdoor Photography
  • And so much more!
Features & Benefits:
  • Combat Vision improves your vision clarity – see clearer wearing Combat Vision HD glasses than other polarized sunglasses frame
  • Replace your sports sunglasses with Combat Vision for HD driving glasses that eliminate glare, enhance color, and get optimal UV protection for your eyes lens
  • Shape-memory polymer frames deliver unrivaled flexibility, making Combat Vision’s frames virtually unbreakable
  • Lens width: 5.3 inches
  • Blocks bright light and glare for 10X better vision
  • Enhances colours, even in low light
  • Super polarized HD lens
  • UV protection
  • For men and women
  • You get 2 pairs of sunglasses for one low price!
  • Astonishingly clear vision!
  • Lightweight and durable