Airofiller - Car Battery Powered Air Pump
Airofiller - Car Battery Powered Air Pump
Airofiller - Car Battery Powered Air Pump

Airofiller - Car Battery Powered Air Pump

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Airofiller is the first car battery powered air pump that inflates and deflates all the inflatable air mattresses and other structures. Use it to inflate your recliner while you are enjoying an outdoor picnic or use it to inflate an inflatable boat when you want to enjoy the adventure of river rafting.

This heavy-duty air pump runs on the car battery which makes it a portable inflator. This high volume low-pressure pump is all you need to carry with your air mattresses when you are on an outdoor trip. The Airofiller Inflates even the largest of inflatables in no time like inflatable pools, inflatable large sofa, pool tubes, mattresses, etc. Sleek, compact design fits perfectly in the palm of your hand and can be easily carried anywhere for quick fill or release.

This pump requires 12 volt DC supply from your car's battery. The three different sized nozzles help you to inflate you a variety of inflatable structures from toys to pools. This powerful pump will inflate as well as deflate the inflatable structures within 5 minutes. No Maintenance, No servicing needed.

Features and benefits:

  • Quickly Inflates and deflates the large and small volume inflatables.
  • Inflates and deflates a variety of inflatable structures like toys, mattresses, pools, inflatable rafts, etc.
  • All-rounder heavy duty low-pressure pump inflates and deflates small inflatables like toys and large inflatable pools.
  • The universal adapter conforms the power supply of any car.
  • No Maintenance, No servicing needed.
  • 3 piece nozzles fit all recreational inflatables.
  • Portable inflator/deflator.
  • DC 12V, this is the minimum power supply of a car battery.
  • Durable and powerful.