Home Gym and Bike
Home Gym and Bike
Home Gym and Bike
Home Gym and Bike
Home Gym and Bike
Home Gym and Bike
Home Gym and Bike

Home Gym and Bike

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Home Gym and Bike is the best and complete multi-functional fat blasting home training system. It is a full body home workout machine with over 24 different exercise variations. A perfect combination of muscle strengthening and cardio exercises which helps in burning the fats easily and effectively. It comes with innovatively designed cycle which gives you a perfect cardio and helps you to slim down and shed weight fast without putting pressure on your knees.

Home Gym and Bike targets your Abs, obliques, Chest, Biceps, Back, shoulders, Triceps, calves, thighs and hips. Using this one can do Sit Ups, Push Ups, Rocking & Twisting as well. You can do both upper & lower extremity exercises on the Home Gym and Bike.

Features & Benefits:                   

  • Helps in quick weight loss. Tones your body and helps in slimming your waist.
  • 150% more effective results than stationary or any other exercise cycles. Now execute low intensity cardiovascular exercise at home on the recumbent cycle attached to this equipment.
  • The neck rest is adjustable and has 4 levels of adjustment available.
  • The seat length is also adjustable making it perfect for cycling irrespective of one’s height.
  • Flexible backrest and seat are allows to use it for multiple exercises.
  • Its wide base makes the machine extremely balanced.
  • It has a leg raise which comes with 3 levels of resistance adjustment.
  • The Spring resistance is variable and very strong and durable.
  • Designed like a chair to give maximum comfort during workout.
  • Targets Shoulders, Chest, biceps, triceps, back, thighs, calves, abs and obliques. With Home Gym and Bike one can execute more than 24 exercises at home.
  • The cycle’s design is inspired by rowing technology to avoid knee injuries.
  • The comfortable foam cushioned seat and rolling cushions on the back rest avoid back and neck injuries. The rollers on the back rest maintain your posture and give massage to the user while executing crunches.
  • Adjustable system to change height and length from the pedals while cycling.  
  • Work on your obliques and abs with the help of the twister seat of the Home Gym and Bike.
  • Rest your arm on the preacher pad and workout on your biceps to develop the peak in your biceps muscle.
  • Challenge all the muscle groups of your body by working out for just 10 minutes with resistance bands attached to this fitness equipment. No need to visit gym to lift weights, resistance bands provided with Home Gym and Bike will give your muscle the maximum pump.
  • Activates your isometric zone while you workout which leads to weight loss, fat loss, stronger muscles, improves flexibility and blood circulation.
  • SGS tested- Quality assured and full service warranty
  • It is Made up of Industrial Strength Metal with Sturdy and durable Frame.
  • Risk free workout.
  • Easy foldable equipment with compact size, place it anywhere at your home, it will occupy a negligible area.
  • Durable, long lasting and Low maintenance fitness equipment.
  • Unisex Fitness equipment suitable for all ages.

Free Gifts: Resistance band worth Rs.500 and Recipe Book worth Rs.500

The Home Gym and Bike will help you to work on your entire body in the comfort of your home. Both, beginners and professionals can work out with this machine to acquire maximum results. Execute varieties of exercises on Home Gym and Bike to acquire your dream physique, one can plan a full body workout routine with the Home Gym and Bike, exercises to be done with the Home Gym and Bike are Cycling, Crunches, Lateral Raise, Frontal Raise, Bench Press, Shoulder Press, Leg Raises, Side Obliques, Thighs Extension, Bicep Curls, Push Ups, Shoulder Press and many more. Isn’t it a compact gym for your less spacious houses? Place your order before we run out of stock


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